About Me


Hello! My name is Jane Blackall. In 2014 I challenged my friends to come up with a tweet-length answer to the question ‘Who are You?’ This is what I came up with to describe myself (I almost immediately wanted to amend it… but here it is):

Peace-loving mystical Unitarian; old-fashioned leftie; amateur philosopher; armchair activist; maker; baker; birder; bisexual; romantic; soft; sensitive; slow.

The slightly longer version: I have a remarkably full and free life for which I am extremely grateful. My ‘day job’ is working part-time for Kensington Unitarians, doing bits and bobs around the place (newsletter, website, podcasts) and also having a creative role in devising our programme, facilitating groups and workshops, and occasionally leading worship. I am also studying part-time for a BA in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at Heythrop College and am due to finish this in the summer of 2017. I am involved in various voluntary projects, most notably organising Hucklow Summer School, which is one of the things I am most proud to be associated with.

I previously had ‘another life’ working in academic research in the field of medical imaging and radiological sciences (I got my PhD at Guy’s Hospital and then did a post-doc at King’s and UCL). I’m glad I had this experience – if only to prove I had the wherewithal to do it – but I’m even more glad I chucked it in and held out for a way to do what I really love. Now I more-or-less go where the spirit leads.

In between work, study, and mucking about on the internet, I like baking, birdwatching, dancing, lino print-making, watching cycling and non-competitive cookery programmes on TV, and and making a fuss of my beautiful friends. Almost everything is interesting so DO ALL THE THINGS.